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About us

Robert D. Macy, Ph.D.
Dr. Robert Macy was trained as a dance movement therapist, clinical psychologist, traumatologist, and neuroscience researcher with over 30 years practice in the field of psychological trauma response, intervention development and trauma informed care development and dissemination. Dr Macy is a Founder, Director and the President of the International Trauma Center - Boston, as well as the Founder and Executive Director of The Boston Children’s Foundation, also in Boston. He is also a Founder and Director of the Midwestern Trauma Services Network operating in numerous states in the Midwest. Dr. Macy is a member of the SAMHSA DTAC or SAMHSA Disaster Technical Assistance Center and works nationally to assist SAMHSA in disaster response and recovery. Dr. Macy is one of only 13 experts nationally to be selected to sit on the Barack Obama commissioned Attorney General’s National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence as part of the Attorney General’s broader Defending Childhood Initiative.

Dr. Macy is a tireless pioneer in the field of psychological trauma, psychosocial recovery and resiliency in research, interventions and violence prevention initiatives for children, youth, their families, and adults and their communities exposed to traumatic events including large-scale disasters, terrorist events, and political, school based, community and armed conflict violence. Dr. Macy co-directs the Division of Disaster Resilience at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) – a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, and is an Instructor in the Division of Emergency Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Macy designs, implements and evaluates trauma focused psychosocial resiliency initiatives, violence prevention programs, and Trauma Informed Care initiatives in the United States, and internationally.


Our Leadership
Frank Grijalva, MSPH
As co-director of the Midwest Trauma Services network Frank Grijalva is involved in consultation and education for more than a dozen agencies in Iowa and Nebraska as well as several agencies nationally and internationally. Frank Grijalva has a BS in psychology with an emphasis on disaster mental health and a Master's of Science degree in Public Health with a focus on child mental health.

As a clinical programming consultant for these agencies he has spent the last several years introducing and training selected trauma informed evidence based practices as well as designing innovations specific to at risk children in Iowa, Florida, Illinois, South Dakota, Nebraska and Alaska.

As a senior consultant and senior trainer for the International Trauma Center an operational partner with the Harvard school of Disaster Medicine, Frank has trained clinicians from Nepal, Jordan, Turkey, Afghanistan and Sudan, in addition Frank responds to United States disasters such as Hurricane Katrina as part of a core emergency response team to stabilize child populations in the aftermath of traumatic events.

Frank managed safety and logistics for clinicians and federal employees working at ground zero in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.



Midwest Trauma Services is pleased to announce the addition of:

Robert P Sheehan MSW to our team!

Sheehan has served in an administrative role in two large human service agencies that have driven children’s mental health and child welfare agencies in Iowa for the last 40 + years. For the last 16 years he has worked to bring a trauma focus to all of child welfare and children’s mental health programs across Iowa, Nebraska and Alaska. In his administrative role, he helped create, nurture and grow MSTN. MSTN is a leading force in bringing purpose and vision and has demonstrated the powerful and transformative force trauma informed care can have in all service delivery systems. In the past four years, he has focused at the micro level and with the help of the entire MSTN team, operationalized TIC principles and therapeutic interventions into critical children’s services with tremendous results. This dynamic is seen both in individual agencies, in individual programs, as well as efforts to engage the entire State of Iowa.

As a former CEO and Program Administrator, Sheehan has had the opportunity to transform agencies belief systems, operational systems, and clinical systems to fully embrace a TIC culture. These are the values and beliefs needed to fully embrace a trauma approach to all those an organization chooses to serve.

Sheehan role as a part of the MSTN team is to continue to move TIC beliefs and principles across organizations, so its total system is connected to the integrity of TIC. These organizational values then can penetrate through all an agencies treatment programs, and therapeutic interventions, and touch every life that an organization reaches out to and serves. The organization that has fully integrated these principles and values also cares for their staff who serve those clients, and the business practices that govern the entire agency.